Business 4.0 technologies are becoming increasingly accessible. Exceeding customer expectations now defines the success of your company’s digital transformation. Focus on enriching customer touchpoints and improving efficiencies. Use customer data to guide design decisions while embracing Agile development. Understand how you can adopt a customer-oriented digital transformation model, and boost profitability and revenues. Get this right, and get a competitive edge.

How AI Enables Companies to Reimagine the Customer Experience

How AI Enables Companies to Reimagine the Customer Experience

By Krishnan Ramanujam, President, B&TS

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  • Perspectives - TCS' Management Journal

    Agile has long been a buzzword in the IT industry, but over the last decade, it has also become highly relevant in the business world. Each article in this issue of Perspectives dissects today’s urgent need for companies to have industrial-strength capabilities in agile to manage their businesses.

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    Agile development allows your company to gauge the true acceptance of a product, and helps you avert the risk of a total product failure. Agility should not only be embraced in the development phase, but be a leitmotif running through the whole digital transformation process.