Drive Business Transformation Across the Enterprise

Leveraging Contextual Knowledge of Our Clients to Create Exponential Value

The business landscape has never been more complex with continuous disruption through new technologies, innovations, and game-changing business models. Customer demands are on the rise and always evolving. An agile, highly intuitive, and customized customer experience is no longer a differentiator but a requirement. Traditional strategies and siloed business functions can no longer sufficiently support the evolved needs of a global enterprise.

We Deliver Results

We enable our clients to compete at an accelerated level and achieve success in the Business 4.0TM world. We partner with our clients, applying our deep understanding and contextual knowledge to drive business transformation across the enterprise. By harnessing data faster, organizations can drive strategic business and investment decisions for greater outcomes today while enabling the future vision. We offer consulting services towards:

  • Digital Strategy
    and Integration

    Consulting and Services Integration enabling a digital strategy that drives business transformation.

  • CX

    For greater customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Supply Chain
    as a Service

    Drives new consulting business opportunities by leveraging emerging digital strategies.

  • Enterprise Application

    For enterprise-wide, cross-functional improvements to enable businesses to be future ready.

  • Enterprise

    For creating agile organizations through improved responsiveness, productivity, and quality.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    For charting and execution of strategies to support any large-scale business change.

  • Finance and Shared
    Services Transformation

    Driving strategic imperatives in Finance and for Shared Services

An Agile Manifesto for the Board

It’s hard to avoid the term “agile” these days. The concept is generating excitement and zealous supporters at big companies worldwide, as it should since it’s helped firms like ING Bank, Amazon, online music powerhouse Spotify and TV content producer Netflix to flourish. In fact, Harvard Business Review, that publishing mecca for management thinkers, has devoted no fewer than eight articles to the topic since 2016, including a cover piece this year on how to use agile to create “a truly flexible” large organization. Agile has also been the topic of bestselling books, including The Lean Startup and Scrum.

More importantly, some companies are using agile to upend the way managers at all levels make changes to their businesses – changes that have made them faster to respond to customers and competitors, leaner, and more innovative.

Build, buy or partner? Emergence of futuristic ‘ecosystem thinking’ drives strategic approaches for mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

New and emerging ecosystems give rise to a continuous evolution of business models. These present new challenges for enterprises to stay relevant and profitable in the Business 4.0™ world. How should CXOs view the role of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures (M&A) in this new era? Discover strategic opportunities to drive growth and innovation by expanding capabilities and enhancing performance.

CFOs as Growth Catalysts : Shifting Gears to Drive Digital Transformation

The convergence of innovative, emerging technologies has given way for finance leaders to rethink every aspect of their businesses. As enterprises drive toward digital transformation, they have a pivotal, strategic role to play, while reshaping their work. By adopting strategies, technologies, and agile business models, CFOs are serving as growth catalysts that build future-ready, Business 4.0™ enterprises.

Axis Bank Designs Differentiated TReDS Model

TCS helps create a competent operating model for Axis Bank's trade receivables discounting system.

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TCS Helps Tata Starbucks with Rapid Expansion

Sumit Zaveri, CFO of Tata Starbucks, mentions how the TCS team set up IT systems, such as cloud-based infrastructure, for the Starbucks launch.

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Gulftainer Streamlines Port Operations

TCS helps enhance business visibility by merging disparate IT systems with SAP S/4HANA-based solution.

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The Impact of Digital Finance

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DevOps: Delivering on the Need for Speed

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Determining Your Future in a World of Ecosystems

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An Agile Manifesto for the Board

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Why an Ecosystem Strategy is Where Digital Transformations Begin

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Using Advanced Technologies to Deliver an Uncommon Customer Experience Every Day

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Avoiding “creepy” by Balancing the Risks and Rewards of Personalization

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Back From the Future: How Finance Leaders Can Drive Transformations

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Mastering M&A for Accelerated Digital Age Transformation

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Three Measures to Get Your Leadership to Embrace Agile

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DevOps Accelerates Change Across the Enterprise

In a business climate that requires a continual change to meet customer needs, bring innovation and consider new business models, DevOps delivers changes faster and enables speed across the enterprise. TCS helps enable this acceleration for clients through solutions built on a foundation of deep contextual knowledge of our clients’ business and artificial intelligence-powered, Machine-First mindset. With this experience, TCS was recently recognized by Everest Group as a leader in its DevOps Services 2019 PEAK MatrixTM assessment. Play our Podcast below to learn more.


Masterchef @ Agile

Learn the recipe for a successful agile transformation that includes the right combination of – the operating model, ways of working, architecture, culture and governance.

Sustainable Synergy Savings on Mergers & Acquisitions

Explore how some of world’s largest enterprises are realizing big and small savings opportunities from revenue, growth and cost synergies for all Merger & Acquisition deals.

Why Empathy & Emotion Must Drive Marketing Strategies

How can brands and marketing leaders inspire positive emotions through transparency, trust, and user choice? Focus on empathy is a must to drive better customer experiences.

The Personalization Paradox: Balancing Personalization and Privacy

How can your enterprise achieve personalization with data collection, being mindful of regulations and customer privacy? Finding the right balance is critical for brands.

From Supply Chains to Ecosystem Commerce: Leveraging Business 4.0 Technologies

Learn how executives can leverage Enterprise Supply Network management and Ecosystem Commerce Platforms for omnichannel fulfillment strategies disrupting traditional supply chains.

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