Cognitive Business


In the world of Business 4.0, enterprises must deliver superior business outcomes to grow at an accelerated pace. TCS' Cognitive Business Operations (CBO) is the integration of Business Process Services and IT Infrastructure Services to help enterprises re-imagine business operations leveraging digital including Cognitive technologies, Automation, IoT and Cloud while adopting Agile practices.

CBO leverages TCS' proprietary Machine First Delivery Model TM (MFDM TM) and Ignio TM enabled by the "Sense-Understand-Decide-Respond" framework to drive automation and derive Insights from business operations. CBO helps enterprises achieve exponential business value, embrace risk, enhance customer experience through hyper-personalization while leveraging the wider partner ecosystem.

We deliver results

We assist companies to embed intelligence and digital technologies in everything from IT operations to business functions, to drive exponential customer value. TCS works closely with enterprises to help them move up the automation maturity curve in a controlled, predictable, and planned manner. Our enterprise-wide intelligent automation framework encompasses the following:

  • Business Process

    Industry and LOB-specific services designed to drive business value.

  • IT Infrastructure

    Easily available, and highly reliable IT infrastructure to meet your dynamic business needs.

Unleashing Business Value in a Business 4.0 World

In an era we call Business 4.0, digital technologies offer enterprises huge opportunities to create superior customer experiences, leverage ecosystems and embrace risk. It’s no surprise then that digital transformation projects have become top-of-mind for executives at large organizations.

Sweeping digital transformation may remain the top priority for most large organizations over the long term. However, surgical operational improvements can deliver significant savings and revenue opportunities in the near term.

Our advisory team

  • Ashok Pai

    Ashok Pai

    VP & Global Head, Cognitive Business Operations

  • Kumar Srinivasan

    Kumar Srinivasan

    Global Head, Business Process Services

  • Krishna Mohan CM

    Krishna Mohan CM

    Global Head, IT Infrastructure Services