Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Designed With You in Mind

Businesses demand custom-fit solutions that are flexible and agile. When cloud is the answer, let our experts define your ideal architecture, services, and management structure. Hybrid cloud is often the choice for today’s Business 4.0 brands – the inherent flexibility offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to concentrate on your core business platforms, focus on innovation, and offload IT oversight.

We Deliver Results

We design private, hybrid, and managed cloud platforms to enable dynamic and agile enterprises.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Full service strategy boot camps and strategic mapping.

  • Cloud Foundation
    & PaaS

    PaaS services including DB, IoT, Analytics Backbone, Next Gen Apps, and more.

  • Cloud

    Managed services designed to oversee cloud orchestration and builds.

  • IaaS

    IaaS services to reduce churn and optimize.

  • Storage

    Worry free cloud-based storage, backup, and archiving.

  • DR as a

    Disaster recovery analysis, system testing, design, and implementation.

  • Legacy

    Integrated cloud framework for all existing environments.

How the Cloud Empowers Digital Transformation

Digital transformations are performed with a range of justifications. Some stem from a need to replace IT systems that have reached the end of their useful life; others from a reluctance to spend on a refresh. These companies’ often complex IT infrastructures can’t keep up with the pace of service demands. That leads to lackluster service levels for customers, and for mobile workers seeking help with creaky legacy systems and applications that often are fragile, prone to breakdowns, and neither scalable nor flexible enough to take on new service demands.

In some cases, a company lacks the skills required to tend to its legacy systems, creating the risk that it will have trouble keeping them running. And, as technology vendors move their systems to cloud-enabled platforms, enterprises that have the on-premises versions of those applications eventually will find their vendors’ support withdrawn.

Enterprise Private Cloud-Led Digital Transformation

Enterprise adoption of cloud is accelerating rapidly because it is the bedrock of digitalization. As digital journeys become more sophisticated – driven largely by rapidly changing business models – enterprise decisions around cloud models are increasingly focused on comprehensive business value. Private cloud offerings are moving beyond addressing traditional concerns of latency, security, and control to providing a public cloud-like experience, agility, return on investment, and services breadth in private environments. Investments in private cloud stacks further by leading public cloud vendors amplify the importance of private cloud for the enterprise of the future.

TCS ECP Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

TCS’ ECP PaaS offers next generation Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions deployed on TCS’ Enterprise Cloud Platform (ECP), a state of the art Hybrid Cloud Platform. As a 360-degree PaaS provider, TCS delivers all the tools, templates, and code libraries needed to accelerate app development and shorten time-to-market. Watch the video below to learn more.

Overcoming Obstacles to Cloud-Powered Simulations

Simulations are computer models that emulate hypothetical situations to understand how they might play out in the real world. They often require enormous computing power, which is easy to acquire ‘on the cloud’.


Enterprise Grade Cloud for Omni-Channel Enterprise Businesses

Discover how a global retailer leveraged Agile cloud-enabling reduced provisioning time from 48 hours to 15 minutes, and ~50% higher efficiency through automation.

Our Advisory Team

Satishchandra Doreswamy

Vice President & Global Head, Cloud Infrastructure, TCS


Dr. Rajesh Srinivasan

Dr. Rajesh Srinivasan

Business Head, IaaS & Cloud Solutions