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TCS Cloud Applications, Microservices and API (CMA) Services helps you accelerate business growth with rapid cloud enablement through a business led cloud strategy. Our services help enterprises design, implement, and sustain hybrid cloud computing initiatives. leveraging our end-to-end transformative capabilities, along with business and deep contextual knowledge.

Cloud migration and applications modernization are converging into a dual-pronged strategy to deliver superior customer experience; always on, everywhere; rapid response; and dramatically lower costs.

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TCS Cloud Applications, Microservices and API (CMA) Services comprises three component services which are:

  • Integration and
    API Services

    Helping you excel in a highly competitive digital economy with ecosystem intermediation, assetization, and monetization of data through multi-cloud connectivity across applications.

  • Application Development

    Defining the optimal business environment with cloud native applications, including independently deployable lightweight, agile applications (Microservices, serverless and containerization) designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of business and customers.

  • Cloud Migration

    Enable your organization's cloud journey starting with a business-led cloud strategy orchestrated through Decision Services, Cloud Migration Factory and Cloud Managed services ensuring a transformation continuum while you migrate.

For Companies Today, the Question Is Not Whether to Move to the Cloud but How

Large companies worldwide are moving their IT applications and infrastructure to the cloud, recognizing that creating innovative products and services and developing key strategic differentiators depends on the enormous computational resources that can be leveraged only through third-party cloud vendors.


The key to successfully deploying cloud solutions is developing a strategy, architecture and an implementation roadmap that incorporates the company’s vital business interests and drivers. If the company has not already done so, establishing a cross-functional team with the authority and capacity to carry out the cloud-empowered strategic transformation is an urgent business imperative.

TCS - Microsoft Alliance

Harness the power of cloud with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Microsoft to discover the true potential of digital transformation journeys. Connect with us to know more.

TCS Cloud Migration Services powered by Microsoft Azure

TCS Named Azure Expert Managed Service Provider by Microsoft

TCS’ Global Alliance with Microsoft

Malaysia Airlines Reaches the Cloud with TCS

TCS Cloud Migration Services

Our advisory team

  • Suranjan Chatterjee

    Suranjan Chatterjee

    Global Head, Cloud Applications

  • Kiran Deshpande

    Kiran Deshpande

    Head of Pre-Sales, Cloud Applications

  • Soumya Chatterjee

    Soumya Chatterjee

    Head of Engineering, Cloud Applications

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