Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership for Future-ready Enterprises

With digital technologies, people, processes, products and platforms now connect, communicate and act seamlessly with each other, creating previously unforeseen ecosystems and business models. For Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and technology leaders, this new world opens up extraordinary possibilities. They are no longer charged with simply enabling the business. Their mandate has evolved to being the leaders that safeguard against the threat of being disrupted – by channeling continuous innovation, building new skills and driving a higher degree of automation – all with speed, resilience, efficiency and agility. Technology leaders that are succeeding at this mandate are establishing their unquestionable leadership as business strategists and corporate officers. Here’s how:

TCS 2020 CIO Study: Find the Digital Opportunities

Companies with successful digital transformations look to their CIOs to innovate the business model and grow their digital business. Findings from the TCS 2020 CIO Study confirm this.

Champion continuous innovation

Harness the combinatorial power of digital technologies to accelerate the pace of innovation. Propel the shift from incremental growth to exponential value.

Lead with digital business

Build the intelligent enterprise of the future fueled by data, connectivity and automation. Develop digital businesses that transcend the physical and digital world boundaries.

Foster a culture of collaboration

Harness collaborative ecosystems to drive customer centricity, transformation and growth. Foster a culture that embraces and adapts to change with agility.


Not just an App: Data Integration for Higher Connectivity, Loyalty & Engagement

Learn how an API-based mobile app for a life sciences leader is helping drive more personalized customer experiences by integrating data from digital channels and CRM systems.

Enterprise Grade Cloud for Omni-Channel Enterprise Businesses

Discover how a global retailer leveraged Agile cloud-enabling reduced provisioning time from 48 hours to 15 minutes, and ~50% higher efficiency through automation.

Embracing Predictive Banking: Loan Growth with Next Best Action

Gain insights into how one bank is harnessing data with a Next Best Action approach to predict customer needs for personal loans and create a wealth of cross-selling opportunities.

Augment Human Capability with Intelligent Automation for Superior ‘In Moment CX’

Learn how intelligent automation elevates the role of employees in delivering seamless 'in the moment' experiences at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

The ROI of Delivering Amazing Experiences featuring Forrester Research and USAA

Join our guest speakers from Forrester Research, USAA and our TCS expert to discover how to deliver the digital experience your customers demand.

CX Transformation Approach for Telcos Using Design Thinking and Machine First™

Discover how leading telcos are reimagining CX and reducing cost-to-serve leveraging an automated, analytics-driven, on the cloud, intelligent customer experience center.

The Power of Analytics: Money in the Bank with Genuine Credit Card Transactions

Find out how a bank used analytics to identify legitimate transactions better and increased happy customers, saving $6 million annually through 13% reduction in fraud losses.

AI and Digital Twins Powering Plant Efficiency and Reliability by ARC and TCS

Gain insights from Harry Forbes from ARC Advisory Group and TCS on how intelligent power plants can leverage digital twins to improve performance and achieve RoI.

Reimagine Banking Due Diligence with Intelligent Process Automation

Learn how a multinational bank reduced its due diligence processing time from 1 day to 2 hours for client onboarding and shifted to an intelligent customer data management.

API Marketplace Platform to Drive Innovation and Digital Ecosystems

In today's hyper-connected world, APIs play a pivotal role for banks to sail the waves of digital disruption leveraging a marketplace-based ecosystem with partners and fin-techs.

Conversational Banking with AI: Pivoting Digital Transformation

Explore blurring man-machine interaction boundaries with personalized conversations and how conversational AI is enabling contextual engagement and better customer experiences.

From Supply Chains to Ecosystem Commerce: Leveraging Business 4.0 Technologies

Learn how executives can leverage Enterprise Supply Network management and Ecosystem Commerce Platforms for omnichannel fulfillment strategies disrupting traditional supply chains.

3 Best Practices for Overcoming AI Obstacles to Build Future-ready Enterprises

Learn best practices for overcoming AI obstacles from industry-leading enterprises striving for structured digital transformation through automation and a machine first philosophy.

Digital Revolution – New Era of Intelligent Systems

Learn how Intelligent systems enhanced the living experience for senior citizens at the SHINESeniors project leveraging a design-led approach to create value and hyper-personalizat

Driving an abundance mindset for Blockchain-powered Ecosystems of the Future

Blockchain-powered platforms enable mindset shift to leverage abundance, help identify new ecosystem business models and generate exponential value. Find out more.

Autonomous Cars: Reducing Accidents with a Cloud-based Intelligent Ecosystem

Find out how China's leading auto manufacturer’s fueling safety with its autonomous driving solution harnessing data abundance and an intelligent ecosystem integration platform.