Automation & AI

Automation & AI

A Machine First™ Approach to Harness Abundance for the Intelligent Enterprise

Being nimble and agile is the mode of operandi for businesses today as they need to react quickly to market changes and customer expectations. Progress of enterprises towards their vision is often thwarted by manual and time-consuming processes and lack of data-driven insights. These challenges plague IT and business leaders alike. Leveraging MFDM™ (Machine First Delivery Model), we work towards amplifying human-machine collaboration to solve complex business problems, faster and better.

Building Intelligence for Customer Delight

Our experts enable global enterprises to achieve multi-fold productivity improvement and elevate customer experience with deep automation expertise, industry knowledge, market-leading offerings, and MFDM. MFDM leverages robotics, machine learning, and AI to power enterprise-wide transformation.

Our consulting-driven approach to automation, combining in-house cognitive engines and third-party AI tools, has been recognized with the AIconics Award for Best Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Application and as a leader by HFS in their Enterprise AI Services report.

  • AI for Business

    Enhances AI capabilities to transform business value chains in every domain across industries and service lines.

  • AI Operations

    Augments AI to transform IT infrastructure operations.

  • AI Apps

    Amplifies AI and ML algorithmic interventions to transform the DevOps process.

  • Intelligent Process

    Leverages RPA (robotic process automation) to drive cognitive transformations in business processes and decision management.

How Intelligent Automation is Rewriting the Rules of Customer Service

Customer support has become a key differentiator in almost every industry. It’s especially important for companies that provide costly, complex, and critical equipment and other products, from industrial manufacturers of power equipment, heavy vehicles, HVAC systems, and medical devices to makers of home computers, appliances, and cars.

Those that seize the opportunity to incorporate intelligent automation into their customer support operations can not only cut their support costs, they can provide proactive and even predictive customer service, boost loyalty and revenues, and gather intelligence to improve future product designs.

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