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There’s no shortage of raw data in this world. But Business 4.0 demands that we harness it to uncover new business opportunities and revenue streams. Our Data and Analytics experts across technology platforms and line of business divisions help you connect and make sense of your global data streams – to create truly actionable insights.

We Deliver Results

Our big data architect and developer community are intricately involved with Data & Analytics implementations to bring the latest strategies to the table. More than 1,500 associates are certified or experienced on market leading products such as Cloudera, Horton, AWS, and more. Rest assured that we have the team to match your unique business needs.

  • Strategic Data

    Making sense out of big data, we help in your business intelligence and master data management through strategy, architecture, and collaboration.

  • HR

    Connecting employee data to workforce outcomes through workforce management solutions.

  • Marketing & Sales Analytics

    Creating a cohesive customer journey on all channels.

  • Customer

    Reducing churn and optimizing relationships.

  • Supply Chain

    Helping enterprises identify and remove barriers to supply chain efficiency and compliance.

  • Regulatory Reporting & Analytics

    Consulting across various industries, to ensure compliance with key regulations.

Creating Game-changing Insights From an Abundance of Data

As digital transformation takes hold across all industries, company leaders must dramatically shift their thinking. They are leaving a business world of constraints and entering an Age of Abundance: of digital data and the technology tools to create innovations from that data.

Every large company today is swimming in a rising tide of digital data. That data resides in their information systems. But it also resides in the ecosystem that surrounds them – the data of suppliers, distribution channel partners, and others with which they do business.

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Our Advisory Team

Dinanath Kholkar

Vice President & Global Head, Analytics & Insights


Venkatesan Sukumaran

Head, Business Analytics

Samik Ghosh

Samik Ghosh

Global Head, Data Services