Business & Technology services

Business and Technology Services

Building future-ready enterprises by leveraging digital technologies and trends to harness limitless opportunities.

CIO Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership For Future-Ready Enterprises

With digital technologies, people, processes, products and platforms now connect, communicate and act seamlessly with each other, creating previously unforeseen ecosystems and business models.

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CMO Campaign

Marketing leadership in the digital economy

Discover how marketing leadership is blending the freedom of creativity & marketing innovation with unparalleled execution using digital technologies.

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CFO Campaign

Finance Leadership for Future-ready Enterprises

A decade ago, financial planning and accounting, operating margins, risk management, tax, audits, reporting, and regulatory compliance topped the list of priorities for CFOs. Now, as a advisor to the CEO, the CFO must own a far greater charter.

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About Business & Technology Services

TCS Business and Technology Services help enterprises become future ready with its offerings across the digital technologies including Cloud, IoT, Business Operations, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Data and Analytics, Quality Engineering and Automation.

The TCS 2019 CMO Study: Reimagining The Brand Experience

Read this study to discover how more than 500 enterprise CMOs in North America and Europe are creating impactful brand experiences for their audiences using digital technologies.

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TCS 2020 CIO Study: How Leading Companies Lead Transformations

The TCS 2020 Chief Information Officer Study seeks answers to central questions facing 1,010 information and technology executives across 11 industries in North America and Europe.

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The TCS 2020 CFO Study “How future-ready CFOs are driving real-time business performance” examines the responses from future-focused CFOs in large enterprises.

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Competing In Digital Ecosystems And An Age Of Abundance

Deep dive into the concept of digital ecosystems, and explore what leaders can do to steer their companies successfully through them.

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MFDM Campaign

The Machine First Advantage™

Be it the steam engine, electric bulb, computer, or robot, machines have been at the core of industrialization evolution from the late 18th century through today’s Industry 4.0.

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Bringing Life to Things

Bringing Life to Things™

We believe, by Bringing Life to Things™, businesses can become – boundary-less, pervasive and experience-rich. This will enable them to unlock exponential value.

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In The Spotlight

TCS Launches Microsoft Business Unit to Help Enterprises Accelerate their Business 4.0™ Transformation Journeys

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TCS Recognized with an Overall Positive Vendor Rating by Gartner Inc

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ABN Amro goes beyond banking

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M&S Transforms E-commerce with Digital

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Proximus Improves System Availability

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