TCS Digital Software and Solutions Group: Organized for Success

Over the past year, I have met with several customers and prospects learning about their digital transformation challenges and talking about how TCS can help them leverage new digital technologies to turn those challenges into opportunities with software and solutions offered by the new TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group.

Given TCS’ consistent and outstanding success in the services business, some of my customers have asked the following questions: “How can we be sure the TCS DS&S Group that is focused on a new business– software and solutions– will have the longevity and stability we look for in a strategic partner?”, “Does TCS DS&S Group have the skills needed to address the digital transformation challenges of today, and the agility to quickly address the challenges we will face in the future?”, “Why would we want to choose TCS DS&S Group solutions? What makes them better than other solutions on the market today?”

In this blog, I want to address these questions head-on; explaining how TCS DS&S Group is set up for success and why our differentiated software and solutions make us the ideal strategic partner to help organizations achieve successful digital transformation.

Strong commitment and support from the CEO and Executive Team
The first and most important reason I am confident that the TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group will succeed is the strong commitment and support we have from TCS CEO, N Chandrasekaran, and the TCS executive team. From the group’s very inception, our CEO has provided the leadership, vision, passion and relentless focus needed to create a successful strategic business unit, including:

  • Meeting personally with more than 100 customers worldwide to talk with them about their need for digital transformation solutions, vetting and validating TCS’ digital transformation strategy and approach.
  • Sending a strong, consistent message internally and externally about how important this initiative is to TCS and backing his words with action
  • Guiding TCS with the understanding that the software and solutions business requires a different level of focus and commitment to long-term investment and growth
  • Supporting a new structure and setting TCS DS&S Group up as a Strategic Growth Business for TCS with its own P&L.

Unique vision for achievable digital transformation
Secondly, the TCS DS&S Group offers a truly unique approach to digital transformation.

There is a lot of talk about the vision of digital transformation:  What will an enterprise that fully employs analytics across the enterprise look like? What does intelligent commerce look like?

We believe there is a gap between the vision of digital transformation and what is actually delivered today in the market.

  • One group of vendors provides broad-based technology platforms like Cloud, Mobile, Social, and Big Data. When a customer asks for a solution, the vendors say “we will pull the technologies together for you”. This approach is cost-prohibitive and time consuming.
  • Another large and disparate group of suppliers offer narrow, non-integrated point solutions aimed at solving isolated issues such as web analytics or cross-channel management.  This approach requires clients to integrate with various technology platforms and other point solutions to solve problems posed by digital transformation, which is also time-consuming and expensive.

The portfolios from TCS DS&S Group fill the gap with fully integrated, industry-tailored software and solutions. Our initial portfolios include ‘TCS Digital Commerce’ and ‘TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights’ for Banking & Financial Services, Retail/CPG and Communications. Our modular approach allows customers to select the solutions and engagement models that best fit their needs, whether it’s a software module that addresses a particular business pain point, a fully integrated solution that transforms a business function, or a digital transformation engagement driving results across the business.

Organizational structure designed for success

Additionally, the TCS DS&S Group organizational structure is designed for success.

If I were to ask you, ‘Why does a race car go faster than a regular family sedan?’ you might respond, ‘It’s because of how the cars are designed. One is designed for speed, and one for safety and comfort.’ You would be correct and I would add, how an organization performs is also determined by its design and structure.

TCS DS&S Group is structured to perform efficiently and support the group’s business strategy.  As a strategic growth business unit, TCS DS&S Group has its own product engineering, sales, consulting, marketing, product management, legal, and HR functions – all integrated into the business unit.  This organizational structure provides the direction and support needed for the teams to function at their most optimal levels.

We also have a significant bench of people recruited from within and outside TCS with strong track records of success in the software and solutions industry.

With strong executive support, a unique vision, and an organizational structure designed for success, I am confident that TCS DS&S Group is the best long-term strategic partner for achievable digital transformation.

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