Return on Investment – Expectation by Industries

Big Data Study - The Emerging Big Returns on Big DataWe mentioned earlier in this report that the IT and analytics managers we surveyed estimated their expected 2012 return on investments in Big Data to average 45.5%. So which industries were on the high and low side of that mean? Two may surprise you.

Utilities and energy & resources companies had the highest expectations for generating returns on their investments, even though they spent far less than average per company on Big Data in 2012. The average return per utility company was 73%; for the average energy & resources company, it was 61%. High tech companies’ estimated 2012 ROI was also higher than average, at 52%, while banks/financial services companies were just lower than average (44%). (See Exhibit III-2)

Companies in the heavy manufacturing (29% ROI), life sciences (35%), retailing (36%), travel/hospitality/airlines (38%), and telecom sectors (38%) had the lowest expected returns on Big Data in 2012.

Exhibit III-2: Mean Expected ROI on Big Data by Industry

Q17 : Mean % of Expected Return in 2012 on Big Data Investments by Industry

Exhibit-3-2-big-data-expected-ROI-by-industry | Q17:     Mean  Percentage of Expected Return in 2012 on Big Data Investments by Industry



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