Introduction and Key Findings

TCS Big Data Study 2013 - Introduction and Key Findings

Big Data Study: Introduction and Key Findings

Big Data has become big news almost overnight, and there are no signs that interest is
waning. In fact, several indicators suggest executive attention will climb even higher.
Over the last three years, few business topics have been mentioned in the media and
researched as extensively as Big Data.

TCS surveyed 1,217 companies in nine countries in four regions of the world (the US,
Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America) in late December 2012 and January 2013. Of these companies, a little more than half (643) said they had undertaken Big Data initiatives in 2012. We also conducted in-depth interviews with more than a dozen executives across
industries about their Big Data initiatives between December 2012 and March 2013. In
addition, we interviewed two experts in the fast-evolving technologies of Big Data. This
data, as well as our consultants’ growing experience in helping large companies leverage
Big Data, provide the basis for the findings in this report.

Big Data Study: 
Introduction and Key Findings
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