Big Data Study Findings: Regional

The US is Ahead on Big Data: Comparing Results Across Four Regions of the World

Big Data Study Findings: Regional


  • US companies are in the lead in using Big Data
  • Median per-company spending on Big Data in 2012 was $10 million
  • 80% of the companies say they’ve improved business decisions as a result
  • Most of their data is structured (versus non-structured) and from internal sources (versus external)
  • Only 27% of the companies sell their digital data, but those that did generated an average of $22 million from it in 2012
  • About 24% of the companies either expected a negative return or haven’t tried to quantify one for 2012
  • Companies that projected an ROI averaged a 46% ROI, which includes those projecting a negative return
  • The most difficult challenge in generating benefits from Big Data is organizational: getting organizational silos to share their data

Big Data Study Findings: Regional
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