Big Data Study Findings: Global Industries

Telecom, Travel, High Tech and Banking are Ahead of the Pack on Big Data: Findings by Global Industries

Big Data Study Findings: Global Industries


  • Telecom, travel, high tech and banking firms spend the most on Big Data
  • However, utilities and energy and resources companies expected the biggest ROI
  • Media and entertainment companies use the most unstructured data; high tech and telecom companies use the most external data
  • Utilities and telecom companies are most likely to sell their digital data, but insurance companies make the most from that data

We went into the research believing that Big Data practices would vary significantly in each of the 12 industries that we focused on (see box). While, of course, all these industries have invested heavily in information technology over many decades, they have different levels of data intensity – that is, the volume, variety, and velocity with which digital data courses through their information systems.

Retail chains, for instance, must process data on purchases of hundreds of millions of
items from their stores. And they must do so rapidly to better match pricing and product
availability to regional or local demand. In contrast, auto manufacturers sell thousands of
cars to independent dealers every week, and thus have a less onerous task of understanding sales trends.

With this in mind, we wanted to know whether certain industries spent more than others;
whether they achieved higher ROI; how they focused their investments; how their key
challenges compared; and other issues.

The Industries That We Studied:

  • Banking / financial services
  • Insurance
  • High Tech
  • Heavy manufacturing
  • Retailing
  • Telecommunications services
  • Consumer products manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals / life sciences
  • Energy and resources
  • Media and entertainment
  • Travel, hospitality and airlines
  • Utilities

In this section, we summarize the following differences:

Big Data Study Findings: Global Industries
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