Getting Smarter by the Sector

How 13 Global Industries Use Artificial Intelligence

AI Study Report 2016 - Key Findings
AI Study Report 2016 - Key Findings
TCS AI Study Slideshare

Getting Smarter by the Day

How AI is Elevating the Performance of Global Companies

AI Study Report 2016 - Key Findings
AI Study Report 2016 - Key Findings
TCS AI Study Slideshare
TCS AI Study Slideshare

The AI Pursuits of 13 Industries

Part 2 of TCS' Global Trend Study on Artificial Intelligence presents the results of our research in the 13 industries that we surveyed. Three industries outspent the others on AI in 2015: insurance, consumer packaged goods and high tech.

  • Automotive

  • Banking and Financial Services

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Energy

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • High Tech

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Insurance

  • Media, Entertainment and Information Services

  • Retail

  • Telecommunications

  • Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

  • Utilities


We surveyed 835 executives in companies (average revenue of $20 billion and median revenue of $2.8 billion) from 13 industries across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. 84% of these companies are using AI.

  • North America

    Firms in the region spent most on AI in 2015: $80 million on average.

  • Europe

    European firms are catching up: they planned to invest $80 million on average (26% more than North America) in 2016.

  • Latin America

    Companies here achieved the biggest revenue gains and the highest cost reduction through AI, while investing less than other regions.

  • Asia-Pacific

    Companies invested $55 million, on average, in AI in 2015.


Find out how Associated Press, Microsoft, and Cloudera have benefited from cognitive technologies
  • Joseph Sirosh’s take on TCS AI Trend Study
    Joseph Sirosh
    Corporate Vice President of Information Management and Machine Learning
    "The quality of the ranking results that are produced by Bing depends entirely on the machine learning models behind it. Machine learning is totally built into the fabric of the product, and is one of its biggest differentiators."
    Learn More
  • Cloudera Logo Mike Olson’s take on TCS GTS Artificial Intelligence

    Mike Olson

    Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

    "You wouldn't believe the difference when we call to tell them that they might have a problem later on, and suggest a fix that will keep them up and running. It's all built on machine learning."
    Learn More
  • AP Logo Jim Kennedy's take on TCS GTS Artificial Intelligence

    Jim Kennedy

    Senior VP of Strategy and Enterprise Development

    "We are using the technology to add value, not to replace humans with robots."
    Learn More


While AI continues to be used most in IT, other business functions are also trying it out.

  • Information Technology

  • Customer Service

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Research and Development

  • Manufacturing or Operations

  • Corporate Level (CEO, COO, and Corporate Staff)

  • Human Resources

  • Distribution and Logistics

Five Things Leaders are Doing Differently

Making big AI investments because they see them as vital to remaining competitive

Applying AI across their organization

Focusing on areas that immediately affect their ability to make or lose money

Addressing fears of massive job losses

Using AI in the IT department

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