Taishin Bank decided to replace its core banking system with the scalable, flexible, open platform-based Core Banking solution from TCS BaNCS, thereby enabling it to maximize operational efficiency.

The new system helped re-engineer the bank’s TCO savings of nearly 60% operational processes, delivering both business and IT 24×7 real-time operations as compared to batch benets, including its ability to manage large transaction operations by the previous system volumes on a 24×7 basis, with 99.9% uptime. Now it Stable system with an uptime rate of 99.9% as takes 30-40% less development time to launch new compared to 92% with the old system products, and 20-30% less time to implement new system functions.

With this implementation, Taishin became the first bank in Taiwan and one among the select few in Asia to migrate its core systems from a mainframe environment to open platform architecture.

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