The Insurance solution from TCS BaNCS enabled Takaful  International Co.BSC to emerge from a heterogeneous landscape of IT systems and move into an integrated solution platform for servicing its Property & Casualty and Family Takaful product. This transition has augmented Takaful International’s competitive edge in the area of designing new innovative products with improved time-to-market while helping them offer unsurpassed customer service.

Takaful International Co. BSC had set itself ambitious targets and wished to expand business in emerging markets in the Gulf Co-operation Council and the Middle East. Its core objective was to offer unique Islamic insurance solutions for property, casualty and family insurance.

At the outset of Takaful International’s five-year plan, legacy IT systems installed in 1998 had reached their limits in several respects, including their ability to perform core business functions in the fast changing insurance market.

Takaful International selected the Insurance solution from TCS BaNCS for its comprehensive capabilities, ease-of-use and flexibility.

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