Bahrain National Insurance Company (BNI) was looking to grow its insurance business rapidly while gaining additional control in its day-to-day operations in the property and casualty lines of business. More so, reinsurance projects required strong IT systems capable of tracking, managing and negotiating information across the entire life cycle of a policy or claim.

With the Insurance solution from TCS BaNCS, BNI was able to control risk exposure, enhance flexibility and improve customer service.

The results from this implementation were:

  • Speed-to-market and flexibility: BNI were able to introduce new products rapidly, while adapting to changes to existing products and processes. Through a simple and efficient mechanism for new product introduction, definition of rates, exceptions, and  processes, BNI can meet all its business demands in a better manner.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency: BNI were able to increase speed of distribution, and eliminate paperwork, manual errors and administration redundancies, thereby allowing for an efficient workflow.
  • Multi-channel delivery: BNI increased production through the diversifcation of delivery channels.

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