November 8, 2012
Banking Industry Architecture Network

TCS joined Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) in November 2012 to work closely to develop standards for the core business capabilities of a retail bank.

BIAN is an independent, member-owned, not-for-profit organization which, in collaboration with industry participants, aims to define and set the software standards for banking interoperability services.

By improving interoperability of internal components through open standards, BIAN promises to reduce the cost of integrating software created in-house with software from multiple providers. This will go a long way in enabling organizations to simplify and rationalize their IT footprints.

TCS has adopted BIAN because we believe it will greatly improve our customers’ ability to take advantage of the SOA framework as it gains popularity in the industry.

Through Finterest, a TCS BaNCS Customer Community Portal, we aim to foster these open standards and ensure regularization in product design and development across all TCS BaNCS offerings. We hope our participation in BIAN will lead our customers into a future where “plug-and-play” becomes a reality in banking software.

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