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One of the advantages of TCS BaNCS is its configurational ability that has translated well in terms of reaching to customers and reacting to their needs in much quicker way

– Nedbank Insurance


Business Solution

Offering a flexible and scalable insurance solution

Property and Casualty insurers are constrained by inflexible systems, which are hampering their ability to launch products faster, deliver enhanced service experience to policyholders and agents, and reduce the operational cost of maintaining these systems. Legacy systems were meant to be systems of record instead of being systems of engagement, and therefore do not offer automation, smart workflows, and are difficult and expensive to maintain. Amidst changing customer demands, insurers expect a system which is modern, flexible and scalable.

The Property and Casualty solution from TCS BaNCS addresses the above challenges and is backed by a track record of successful implementation. It is a complete insurance solution suite, supporting a range of functionalities, including customer management, product definition, underwriting, new business, quote, policy administration, claims management, billing, insurance accounting and reinsurance, among others.

The solution is built on a modern, web-based platform, with a parameter-driven and component-based architecture. It provides flexibility for product definition, business rules, and workflows to meet specific business needs.

It comes with add-on digital capabilities such as mobility, portal and data analytics and is available as a standalone, holistic product suite or as individual components such as policy administration, claims management, among others.

Based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), it enables easy integration with legacy infrastructure. TCS BaNCS is equipped to meet all needs of Property and Casualty insurers, thereby ensuring flexibility and scalability through quick deployment, easy configuration of rules and the capability to manage multiple variants of insurance products across the globe.


Superior underwriting capabilities

The Property and Casualty solution helps you improve underwriting capabilities by leveraging data analytics, workflows and rules-based guidelines.

Additionally, as with all TCS BaNCS for Insurance solutions, Property and Casualty offers insurers speed-to-market, enhanced customer experience, improved operational efficiency, enhanced service delivery and digital capabilities.

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