Workflows in corporate actions processing mean different things to different people. They come in a varied mix — technical, processing and operational workflows. However, irrespective of how they are understood, the concept of workflows is key to corporate actions processing and their underlying risk management and control.

Nigel Little of the Euroclear Group has worked in various organizations over the past 20 years as a Corporate Actions processor, a Change Manager, Product Manager and Implementation Manager, among many more roles in between. He began working in the field of Asset Servicing in 1997 at the Royal Bank of Scotland and has since then worked at The Bank of New York Mellon, Deutsche Bank and is presently at Euroclear. His last two roles included the implementation of large scale change initiatives in Global Custody, Sub-Custody and Investment Banking across global markets. He joined Euroclear as an implementation specialist in August, 2014, and works across issuer/ investor CSDs in T2S. He has a proven track record of delivery and is a well-respected member of the Corporate Actions community. Alan Lawman of TCS Financial Solutions sat down with Nigel to discuss workflows in corporate actions processing.

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