The 6th edition of the TCS BaNCS Customer Forum took place at The Address Downtown in Dubai on September 18, 2013. Notching the highest number of customer participants so far, from Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Africa and APAC, the event had eight customers sharing their experiences and business vision at the event.

TCS BaNCS articulated the way forward for future customer events, including the regional Product User Forums, which kick started this year in the form of the Corporate Actions Product User Forum at London and New York City.

A TCS BaNCS Directional Update from the President, N Ganapathy Subramaniam, focused on the digitization of financial services, exploring the realm of mobility, Big Data and analytics, cloud, social media, artificial intelligence and robotics.

The event ended with Khan Bank, one of the oldest implementations of TCS BaNCS in remote Mongolia, demonstrating the “Any place is a banking place” promise of the TCS BaNCS brand.

Snapshots from the TCS BaNCS Customer Forum

Customer Forum 2013, Dubai Customer Forum 2012, Osaka Customer Forum 2011, Toronto
Customer Forum 2010, Amsterdam Customer Forum 2009, Hong Kong

Sibos 2013 | FT-TCS BaNCS Financial Leaders Dinner Forum 2013

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