World Trade Center, Dubai
September 16-19, 2013

SIBOS, facilitated and organized by SWIFT for the SWIFT community, is the world’s premier financial services event. It is a unique forum to collaborate and take collective action in payments, securities, cash management and trade.


TCS Participation

TCS BaNCS was an exhibitor at SIBOS and presented its universal financial solutions suite for the banking and capital markets.TCS-SIBOS-Gallery

Open Theater:

R Vivekanand, Vice-President, TCS BaNCS, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd was part of the T2S discussion on “A window of opportunity to modernize the European CSD land space?” sharing his view on future of the European CSD Landscape.

Corporate Forum:

Seturaman Mahalingam, Chief Financial Officer (1970 – Jan 2013), Tata Consultancy Services was part of the panel discussion on “Best practices in the centralization of treasury functions: Are corporates and banks aligned?”

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