Yogesh Sharma & Nageshwaran R, TCS Financial Solutions

In the wake of recent high profile data breaches worldwide, the data privacy debate has assumed greater significance and assumed center-stage in the regulatory world; and, more so in the financial services industry given the vast amounts of personal data processed by banks/ financial services organizations and their third party IT solution providers.

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Saravanan Prathapkumar, Malini Raman & R Vivekanand, TCS Financial Solutions

The blockchain journey

Blockchain technology is steadily moving from the hype cycle to the adoption stage. As the maturity and understanding of the technology increases, organizations are moving from the experimental/‘PoC’ stage to implementing the technology for specific business processes, which are likely to be followed by more large scale commercial implementations. Continue reading

Dhaarani Ravichandran & Sumesh B, TCS Financial Solutions

The credit crisis of 2008 resulted in regulatory norms in the financial services industry going through a significant overhaul. Since then, the regulatory climate has witnessed multiple changes, fines and penalties, and financial services institutions have found the continuous onslaught demanding and challenging. Continue reading

Kanupriya Gupta, TCS Financial Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology becoming main stream is strongly dependent on the quality of data that is used to embed ‘intellect’ into algorithms. AI—as a tool that utilizes value-added data—is used to build smart programs that negate the need for human intervention, especially, in performing repetitive tasks. Continue reading