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Blockchain enables firms to synchronize data across participating entities, build trust and collaborate

Quartz solutions for Blockchain from TCS Financial Solutions comprise:

  • Quartz Smart Contracts
  • Quartz #DLGateway
  • Quartz Development Framework
  • DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) ready TCS BaNCS solutions

Quartz solutions have been developed to deliver crucial benefits, specifically, co-existence, integration and interoperability, and drive vigorous Blockchain adoption. With Quartz, financial institutions can take on a leadership role in deploying Blockchain solutions not only within their own organizations, but also in building a larger Blockchain ecosystem for their clients.

Why Quartz

Quartz Smart Contracts are business-aware components that drive processing on the distributed ledger. Each Quartz solution supports a specific business function or a process – e.g. digital identity, KYC, OTC settlement, loan securitization and corporate announcements. With Quartz, financial institutions can process and settle transactions in real-time, automate business processes and functions and all but eliminate data duplication, security and integrity concerns.

The #DLGateway is a single, smart channel that can help integrate TCS BaNCS as well as third-party solutions with various distributed ledger platforms, enabling them to rapidly adapt to multiple technologies, platforms or ecosystems. The #DLGateway is interoperable between DLT and messaging standards like ISO and FIX and other existing messaging networks.

The Quartz Development Framework helps IT incorporate DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) into their business processes, and generate, compile, package, and deploy business code on the DL platform.

Using Quartz, organizations can populate or enrich shared ledgers with internal data, as well as connect to multiple Blockchains and messaging networks such as SWIFT by using relevant standards and technologies. This helps extend the functionality of distributed ledgers beyond silos, as well as eliminates the need for organizations to make large scale or continuous changes to systems. Quartz solutions place organizations at the forefront of innovation through the ability to rapidly adapt to multiple technologies, platforms and ecosystems.

To know more about this solution, download the Quartz for Blockchain brochure or write to us at tcs.bancs@tcs.com.

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