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An optimized private banking solution

Private bankers must offer innovative pricing models to improve time-to-market for financial products, assure high quality in order processing, and provide  accurate and up-to-date client reporting. They also need to manage client portfolios, guide them to the right investments and  ensure that risks are managed.

The Private Banking solution from TCS BaNCS helps private banks gain a competitive advantage by responding to market and customer demands with support for new financial instruments and emerging investment patterns.

This solution supports in-mapping business processes to ensure high Straight-Through-Processing (STP) and offers complete regulatory compliance with due diligence, privacy regulations and market initiatives.

TCS BaNCS brings Application Service Provisioning (ASP) with private banking

Our Application Service Provisioning (ASP) with Private Banking solution from TCS BaNCS allows you to focus on your core competencies to drive business growth. It helps you optimize your existing cost structures, while bringing you benefits from advanced services, operational agility, technical support, security and support for business continuity.



Accelerating business growth

The Private Banking solution from TCS BaNCS helps you:

    • Increase operational efficiency
    • Provide a fully integrated front- to back-end system
    • Improve time to market for future financial products
    • Be cost effective through advanced process automation

This solution provides financial institutions with:

    • Internet banking facilities
    • Real-time transaction processing
    • User-friendly workflow management features to build up bank processes
    • Implementation of bank-specific solutions in an optimized time-frame

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