The View Inside: Technologies Collide and Industries Transform

Shapes within Concentric Circles
Whether or not you believe climate change is real, it’s hard to dispute that we’re witnessing a fundamental change in the “climate” of technology. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices, and the Internet itself have come of age. They are converging to totally erase the boundaries that once separated industries, and make it difficult for some companies to remain competitive.

On the flip side, however, this change in the technology climate presents unparalleled opportunities. We live in an exciting age of digitization where smart machines and software can analyze, prophesize, customize and optimize.

Companies using technologies to increase utility of their products and transform them into services are calling the shots. Think of General Electric and the Internet of Things, or Apple’s iTune services. Other companies are upending industries by making “sticky,” unbreakable online connections to consumers. Google, Facebook, Netflix and Amazon come to mind here.

Using technology to your greatest advantage is only possible if you know where the best business opportunities lie and how to pursue them. The latest edition of our management journal, Perspectives, features eight articles that provide insights on this from TCS and other experts.

They’ll show you how to identify the best places to use new technologies and why manufacturers should turn their products into services. We discuss the potential to simulate every aspect of your business.

We dissect opportunities to generate revenue, scope and budget agile programs, and guard against cyber threats. In the final article, I discuss the common personality traits of digitally successful CEOs.

These articles will help you understand the technological revolution and the far-reaching implications. For a sneak peak of the journal, download my introductory article.

Krishnan RamanujamWith more than 20 years of global consulting experience, Krishnan Ramanujam is an expert in the execution of complex, global transformational initiatives for Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.Krishnan focusses on driving profitability for organizations by spearheading their evolution from IT-centric to customer-centric models that streamline and align business functions. With a keen understanding and deep knowledge of key industries, market changes and client needs, he has directed the development of new products and solutions…
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