The Four Core Competencies of CX: Interview with Bruce Temkin

Bruce Temkin, managing partner of the Temkin Group, a CX research, consulting, and training firm, shares his views on customer experience (CX) in an exclusive interview with TCS.

Temkin, who made his name as a CX analyst at Forrester and then as a blogger and keynote speaker, explains his views on the four core competencies necessary to provide a superior customer experience: purposeful leadership, compelling brand values, customer connectedness, and employee engagement.

While social media enable customers to share bad experiences quickly with a wider audience, companies may be overreacting, Temkin believes. The principles for dealing with bad experiences haven’t changed – at least for customer-centric organizations. He suggests that social media makes a brand’s values more important than ever before because they are what steer their interactions with customers.

An advocate of employee engagement, he stresses the role of employees and their contribution to the success of the organization.

To read the full interview and learn how companies use CX to enhance their customer relationships, download the interview: The Four Core Competencies of CX: Interview with Bruce Temkin, featured in this edition of Perspectives, our management journal.

Bruce TemkinBruce Temkin is a customer experience transformist; helping large organizations improve business results by changing how they deal with customers. As part of this focus, Bruce examine culture, strategy, marketing, interaction design, customer service, and leadership practices. Bruce is Managing Partner of the Temkin Group, a customer experience research, consultancy, and training company that helps organizations become more customer-centric. He helps many of the world’s largest brands build loyalty by engaging the hearts and minds…
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