The Business Opportunities for Global Companies That are Intelligent, Agile, Automated, and on the Cloud

This 10th edition of Perspectives explores the exciting new business model and business process opportunities for large global enterprises created by the confluence of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, cloud computing, IoT, big data and analytics.

Our articles consider the transformative potential of this convergence from a variety of angles. They are organized into two sections – The Business Opportunities and How to Pursue the Opportunities.

The Business Opportunities

In the first section we discuss AI’s potential to combine with sensors with near human capability, and help companies improve their business in previously unimaginable ways.

We’ve looked at relevant ways to assess where AI can be unleashed in your business. You can learn about the importance of IoT for your business and evaluate opportunities if you want your products to be smart and connected. The mainstream arrival of these new technologies has pushed down IT costs. Cloud-based infrastructure makes simulation a viable model for hypothesising new products and services.

How to Pursue the Opportunities

In this section we provide an expert view on identifying and capturing the opportunities. The arrival of affordable sensors and the IoT ecosystem is redefining the way products perform in the hands of customers. Companies can use data from these systems to remodel products as services. You need to engage cross-functional teams to manage programs with agility. This can be achieved with new software development methods that enable companies to respond quickly to changing customer expectations. As AI and analytics intersect, you can capitalize on the massive potential for industrial scale analytics. But IoT ecosystems are not without risk. Cyber threats at the interface of corporate networks and consumer devices have increased the demand for additional security measures. We’ve collected examples of cyber security in action that is critical today.

Our concluding article defines the characteristics shared by experts at the helm of a handful of today’s leading businesses.

Technology-enabled businesses are replacing traditional business models. As new technologies gain critical mass, savvy adapters are pulling away from the pack. To learn the art of spotting opportunities arising from the convergence of emerging technologies, and to acquire the toolkit required to tap them, download the latest edition of our management journal, Perspectives.