Ric Merrifield: Using IoT Technologies to Completely Rethink the Customer Experience

Author and digital technology consultant, Ric Merrifield talked about how companies are using Internet of Things (IoT) technology to dramatically improve their customers’ experiences (CX), in an exclusive interview with TCS.

Merrifield has been involved with CRM since the 1990s. He believes IoT-enabled customer experience management will be much bigger than CRM since it enables companies to monitor customers and the products they buy from them.

Merrifield believes one of the most important lessons in the age of IoT-led digital transformations is determining how to tailor the experience when customers walk onto your premises. At Starbucks, for example, customer data might help infer whether a customer seeksmore competitive prices, a quicker service or a unique product the company offers. It is this understanding, Merrifield explains, that allows companies to personalize messages.

He believes many companies lack internal expertise in how to make IoT-led CX improvements. In addition, he see CEOs as key to the success of such initiatives.

To read the full interview, and to learn more about how you can improve your CX using IoT technologies, download Ric Merrifield: Using IoT Technologies to Completely Rethink the Customer Experience.

Ric MerrifieldRic Merrifield is an experienced executive who has spent over 25 years helping companies of all sizes define and achieve their goals, most recently helping teams assess how and if the Internet of Things can improve their relationships with customers, employees, and partners.
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