Our Take on the Customer Experience Revolution

The experiences a company provides customers – from the time they buy its product or service to the time they no longer use it – has become paramount to business success. Executives in every industry know this today, and it’s a reason why ‘customer experience’ has become an increasingly popular Internet search term in the past decade.

In fact, the experience you provide customers – not just the product you sell them – to a great degree determines how they value your brand. Amazon.com is a leading exemplar of this. Jeff Bezos’ notion of a company that obsesses over customers was path-breaking 20 years ago, and many others have followed suit.

However, creating a great customer experience, or CX for short, is not easy. The latest edition of our management journal, Perspectives, features 13 articles that provide insights from TCS and other customer experience experts.

You’ll find insights on how to get started, how to design experiences that are effective but not intrusive, and how to extend the influence of that experience after you sell your products or services. Alongside a glimpse into the future of CX, you’ll find tips on achieving CX leadership and its value in driving successful change within your organization.

These articles will help you plot a path to future CX excellence. For a sneak peak of the journal, download Krishnan Ramanujam’s introductory article, Our Take on the Customer Experience Revolution.

Krishnan RamanujamWith more than 20 years of global consulting experience, Krishnan Ramanujam is an expert in the execution of complex, global transformational initiatives for Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.Krishnan focusses on driving profitability for organizations by spearheading their evolution from IT-centric to customer-centric models that streamline and align business functions. With a keen understanding and deep knowledge of key industries, market changes and client needs, he has directed the development of new products and solutions…
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