Designing for the Small Silver Screen

The unprecedented growth of mobile applications has given companies an unprecedented degree of access and connection to customers. However, in a crowded app marketplace, companies struggle to hold the attention of smartphone users.

To deliver a strong competitive advantage, a mobile app must be designed with longstanding and new things in mind. Apps that provide quality, usability, and functionality win market share.

Three design precepts can greatly up your app game, win the hearts of customers, and earn your place on their mobile screens:

  1. Customer expectations start with the best B2C apps: Customers will compare your app’s performance and interface against top consumer apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Make sure your apps measure up.
  2. Emerging technologies can simplify the customer experience and increase functionality: Designers should use artificial intelligence, computer vision, predictive analytics, and other emerging technologies to create apps that learn users’ behaviors. That will help make your app more robust and engaging.
  3. Make the crucial native vs. hybrid decision carefully: Decide whether you want your app to be developed as a native app (i.e., it works with only one smartphone operating system) or a hybrid product (it works across multiple app operating systems). Each has advantages and challenges, and your choice must depend on what is best for you – not what is trending in the industry or market.

More and more transactions will be done on mobile devices, and companies must find ways to make apps serve them and provide a good user experience. To create an important brand differentiator and make your app stick with consumers, download OghieOjior and Skip Vanderburg’s article Designing for the Small Silver Screen, in this edition of Perspectives.

Skip VanderburgSkip is an Innovation Designer, Experience Strategist, Technology Advisor and Market Leader in Digital Experience Innovation Design. Currently is Chief Innovation Officer at Tata Consultancy Services. Skip is a Design Thinking Evangelist. Skip has spent the last 25+ year’s advising, defining, developing, launching and managing innovative products and services to create new markets and disrupt established markets. Based in Silicon Valley with global expertise, Skip has a proven track record and industry leading experience in…
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Oghie OjiorOghie has over 20 years of experience at various levels delivering technology solutions to both fortune 500 corporations and privately owned companies. He is an innovative leader with special emphasis on value creation and accelerating growth through digital re-imagination/transformation, strategic planning and operational execution. Oghie is hands-on technologist with extensive experience in driving vision, strategy, roadmap, architectures, methodologies, frameworks, rationalization and standardization strategies. He is a strong reliable leader with an ability to attract and…
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