Towards Sustainable Water Management

Goal: Achieve water neutrality by 2020

We plan to achieve our water neutrality target through water efficiency by design in new offices and campuses, as well as 100% treatment and recycling of sewage and rainwater harvesting (within TCS premises and outside).

Our fresh water is from various sources, such as the local municipality or industrial development authority, water tankers, bore-wells, and packaged drinking water (at some sites).

  • 15% reduction in specific water consumption
  • 478,626 cm of rainwater harvesting potential created
  • 5.54 million kL of water recycled

13% reduction in water consumption

No natural water source is directly impacted due to water consumption by TCS. Water efficiency measures, from campus design to improved awareness, have helped reduce the specific fresh water consumption by 15% over the baseline year (FY 2008). We have been able to maintain our freshwater consumption levels despite the increase in campus based operations.

Our Enablers