Nurturing Human Capital

Human capital is the largest factor in TCS’ business and the sustainability of revenue growth is directly dependent on the organization’s ability to attract and retain skilled professionals. TCS has a highly educated workforce, whose technical skills are greatly valued globally. The total number of employees including subsidiaries as on March 31, 2016 was 353,843 (End-FY15: 319,656)

TCS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and subscribes to the Tata Code of Conduct in embracing diversity in race, nationality, religion, ancestry, marital status, gender, age, ethnic origin, physical ability and sexual orientation. TCS has a well-defined Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Our Diversity and Women’s Network (DAWN) fosters inclusivity through collaborative dialogue. DAWN organizes leadership-connects, mentoring, discussion forums, sensitization workshops, wellness sessions, and reorientation programs for employees returning to the workplace.

As on March 31, 2016, women constituted 33.8 % (consolidated) of TCS’ workforce.

TCS’ key strength is its young and dynamic workforce. Our human capital has fueled business growth, and we are committed to nurturing and growing this talent pool.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

TCS has created a professional networking platform for campus recruits to connect, share, explore and collaborate with their peers and TCS associates prior to joining the Company. The platform provides users with timely information and updates about the company’s Initial Learning Program, applicable processes, and other topics of interest.

TCS has made significant investments in building an employee-friendly culture and has developed mature people-processes.

TCS’ Learning and Development tool – iEVOLVE enables systematic tracking of the training roadmap of the company’s large workforce, while integrating skill assessment and individual development and providing employees an end-to-end view of their learning and competency development needs, as well as their progress against the plan.


Wellness and Safety

Through Fit4Life, TCS’ CEO himself encourages employees to form teams and pursue a passion for running. TCS’ sponsorship of the New York Marathon, the Mumbai Marathon, and other long-distance events across the world has sparked widespread interest in fitness and running.

Purpose4Life motivates TCS’ employees to contribute towards societal well-being. As part of this initiative, each TCS employee is encouraged to commit a minimum of 10 hours in a year towards activities that align with TCS’ CSR themes of Education, Health, and Environment.

TCS’ CEO launched the SafetyFirst Initiative in May 2014 to make safety a part of every employee’s way of life.

TCS’ commitment to provide a healthy and safe work environment is articulated in the organization’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy.


Health and Safety Objectives and Targets

115 TCS centers are Occupational Health and Safety Management System certified as per OHSAS 18001:2007. The Health, Safety and Sustainability Committee and Corporate Sustainability Council reviews health and safety performance on a regular basis.

Hazard identification and risk assessment has helped identify workplace risks and ensure sufficient and suitable mitigation measures are put in place for a healthy and safe work environment. TCS is also proactively monitoring safety at all the new facilities that are coming up at various locations across India. Deployment of safety processes and systems is mandated with effective tracking of leading as well as lagging safety indicators in order to maintain a comprehensive oversight of safety performance.

Several campaigns for road safety awareness, ergonomics awareness, and incident reporting make employees more aware and safety conscious. With the launch of SafetyFirst, incident reporting increased significantly within the organization.