STEM Education

Technology is blending the divide between machines and people. To produce inventive, technology enabled solutions to real-life problems, our youth need to develop digital fluency: a mastery of digital technology beyond the classroom, and skills needed to go from college to career. The need for innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education across North America is paramount.

As a leading IT services and business solutions provider, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) North America recognizes that the industry’s future – and that of the nation’s increasingly knowledge-driven economy – depends upon more Americans and Canadians with STEM based skills entering the workforce each year. Whether advancing thought leadership by convening roundtables, enabling cross-sector collaboration, building technology platforms, or engaging skilled volunteers to bring technology skills to students, TCS is harnessing the power of national partnerships to impact computer science and STEM education across communities.

Subcategories STEM:

1. Creating tomorrow’s STEM Leaders (goIT)

goIT is TCS’ signature community engagement program in North America, through which our employees teach computer programming and mentor youth to increase STEM education and career awareness. Offered as a free of cost program for middle and high school students, goIT covers career awareness workshops, hands-on technology education, teacher trainings, and parent orientations. Students learn icon-based programming languages as they engage in hands-on project based challenges. In turn, goIT participants acquire critical thinking and problem solving skills while troubleshooting designs and learning in a team environment. Each TCS volunteer completes extensive training, covering youth psychology, education systems, and goIT computer science programming, to aid their preparation as a mentor.

Since its launch in 2009, goIT has engaged almost 10,000 North American students across 32 cities and 50 school districts, with promising results. In 2015, goIT inspired almost 1,000 new students, engaged over 460 TCS employee volunteers, resulting in over 12,000 hours of high-impact skill building and computer science programming for students, including those from underserved groups, minorities, and girls. More than half of all goIT participants reported an increased interest in STEM disciplines, and 86% of all students agreed that goIT helped them realize that a STEM career can be interesting.

2. Connecting students with mentors (US2020, MWM)

 Connecting students with mentors
By bringing together key stakeholders from government, industry, educators, and non-profit sectors, TCS is collectively devising creative solutions to the STEM proficiency gap in North America and mapping a course of action to reverse the trend. To support a national technology infrastructure for STEM mentoring, TCS led the development of mentoring platforms for US2020. US2020 is a national initiative that will match one million STEM mentors with students through youth-serving non-profit organizations for high impact mentoring by the year 2020.

TCS is also the technology sponsor of Million Women Mentors (MWM), a national initiative that will match one million STEM professions with girls and early career women to help ensure that they pursue and stay in STEM fields. MWM has already achieved two thirds of that goal engaging over 650,000 corporate mentors.

As a Founding Partner of US2020 and MWM, TCS supports the national movement to increase girls, women, minorities, and under-represented groups in STEM careers. To act on these initiatives, 20 percent of TCS’ workforce has committed to fulfill 20 hours of STEM mentoring by the year 2020. TCS is also a partner for the National Center for Women & Information Technology’s (NCWIT) Clinton Global Initiative commitment to scale the AspireIT program and engage 10,000 middle school girls in learning computing concepts.

3. Providing pro-bono technology solutions (NPower/ILP, MWM, US2020, Learning Blade, IMPACT 2030,


TCS has developed a Computer Science Toolkit to provide free resources to computer science teachers across the country as a pro-bono effort, in partnership with National Science Foundation, University of Chicago, and Teach for America. Through our national partner NPower, TCS is providing consulting and IT services to nonprofits in need through pro-bono technology projects. To date, TCS volunteers have generated over 3.7 million dollars of social good through pro-bono services, completing more than 1,500 IT projects for non-profits across the U.S. and Canada. TCS and NPower are also building brighter futures for underserved young adults and veterans through free technology and professional skills training, improving employability at community and national levels. TCS is the Technology Partner of US2020 and Million Women Mentors (MWM) and developed the portal that will connect over 2 million youth to corporate mentors. Through technology solutions, TCS also helped Learning Blade accomplish its vision of making its online tool available to a wider range of schools, ensuring mass exposure of STEM subjects to students nationwide.

4. Connecting students with mentors (US2020, MWM)


TCS is a leader of STEM 2.0™, a public-private partnership initiative along with STEMconnector, focused on identifying, defining and imparting STEM, digital, and hard employment skills to the future workforce – providing the tools to become successful STEM professionals.

5. Thought Leadership (Roundtables/whitepapers, Boards, publications)

Thought Leadership
TCS provides thought leadership to STEM education and career issues by working with organizations such as the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, STEMconnector® and IMPACT 2030. We collectively provide leadership and governance to projects such as the STEM Innovation Task Force, Talent Pipeline Management, US2020, Million Women Mentors and NPower.

TCS led multiple Computer Science Roundtables, bringing together experts from industry, academia, government, and nonprofit organizations to create a national road map for computer science education, and a blueprint for scalable, replicable programs that effectively motivate and prepare students for careers in computer science. TCS has also published several white papers, heralded by industry and government partners, that define national STEM and computer science education conversations and strategies: The STEM Imperative; 100 CEO Leaders Discuss the Importance of STEM in U.S., Education & Careers in the U.S.: The Future of Computer Science, Women in STEM; Realizing the Potential, Creating Digital Fluency, State by State, City by City: Computer Science Education in U.S., and Expanding and Scaling Innovative Digital Fluency Models: Computer Science Education in the U.S. in partnership with STEMconnector.

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