Community Initiatives in the Middle East and Africa

TCS started operations in the Middle East and Africa in 1973, and today has a workforce of over 5000 people. In this region, we deliver IT services and business solutions to more than 100 clients.

In 2013, TCS launched the first all-women Business Process Services (BPS) center in Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This center serves as a building block to localize the BPS industry in the Kingdom and is expected to create up to 3,000 jobs for Saudi women in HR, IT, finance, SCM, and accounting, and provide a world-class working environment.

“This unique initiative will leverage a new talent pool in the Kingdom to meet the business needs of corporations in the region. It is an example of our long-term commitment to this market.”

N. Chandrasekaran

In South Africa, TCS worked with the non-profit organization Change the World to set up an IT training center at Diepsloot. The center provides training for basic IT skills to underprivileged youth attending secondary schools in Diepsloot.

Another IT training center has been set up at Jikindaba Secondary School in Lisisiki, Eastern Cape. Five schools around Lisisiki have access to this training center.

What students say about the center

“I had never touched a computer before this.”
– Asanda Ntoyi(Grade 11)

“My tutor says I am very good at the basics of coding now.”
– Bavuyile Ngalavu(Grade 10)

“Thanks to this training, I now have a job as a cashier.”
– Nwabisa

“The most exciting parts of the lesson was that I learnt how to create my own CV on the computer.”
– Student at a training center in Eastern Cape

  • South Africa’s Affirmative Action Program – Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment program (BBBEE): Level II certification