Achieving Business Performance with Strong Governance

TCS’ revenue growth comes from following a multi-pronged strategy based on expanding the market and deepening the company’s relationships with existing clients.

TCS has had a consistently stellar track-record of revenue growth. The company’s 10-year CAGR is 18.7%, and we closed FY 2016 with a revenue of USD 16.544 billion (up 7.1% YoY)

    Other highlights of FY 2016:

  • Volume growth of 12% YoY
  • Gross margin of 43.9% and EBIT margin of 26.5%
  • Gross headcount addition of 90,182 and net addition of 34,187

TCS has inherited a strong legacy of fair, transparent and ethical governance, as embodied in the Tata Code of Conduct. This is aligned with the ten principles articulated in the UN Global Compact of which TCS is a signatory.

The composition of our Board and detailed profiles of Board Members are available here.

Effective Corporate Governance

TCS strives to achieve a balance between good corporate governance and effective performance management to focus on business growth.